3800 Market Street, Camp Hill, PA 17011

(717) 554-4413

Russ Dugan

Investors, Luxury Homes | REALTOR®

How long have you lived in this area?

Born and rasied

How many years licensed?

Originally licensed in 1990, renewed in 2010

Before you sold real estate, what did you do?

Custom Home Builder

What is your perception of what your clients would say is your business style?

Honest and Direct

When you’re done with the work of the day, what do you do with your leisure time?

Long drives in my convertible

Where would you take a client to lunch?


If you had to be interviewed by a famous TV host, who would it be?

Bill O’Reilly

The charity that you enjoy giving to most?

Wounded Warrior Project

What gets you excited about real estate?

The appreciation of a satisfied client

What do you enjoy about being on a team?

What I enjoy about this team, is that it’s like a 2nd family to me… even though I may not see everyone each day, I know they are with me and behind me all the way, both professionally and personally. I am blessed to work and socialize with the people, my friends.