10 Easy Home Improvement Projects for Summer


10 Easy Home Improvement Projects for Summer

Do you want to spice up your home a little this summer? Home improvement projects don’t have to be overwhelming or difficult. We have some great tips for both indoor and outdoor projects that are easy enough for the whole family to join in. 

1. Repaint your front door – Go with a new color or choose something bold to give your home a pop of color

2. Powerwash – Make sure to powerwash the exterior of your home, decks, patios and sidewalks

3. Update outdoor furniture – Give your current cushions a good clean or replace with new ones

4. Repair damaged screens – Sagging or torn screens can be an eyesore. Make sure to replace or repair when needed

5. Update indoor ceiling fans – Update your interior with new ceiling fans and light fixtures

6. Create a gallery wall – Hang some of your favorite artwork, family pictures or wall decor to create a wall with character

7. Re-stain and repair wood – Re-stain your wood deck and fence and make any repairs that are needed to keep them looking like new

8. Update exterior lighting – You can update exterior lighting or add more lighting around walkways and outdoor living spaces

9. Plant a raised garden – Plant your favorite fruits, vegetables or flowers in a raised bed. This adds a sense of depth to flat outdoor spaces

10. Update backsplash – Update or add backsplash in your kitchen and bathrooms. There are so many easy and affordable options available, just stop by your local hardware store for suggestions

Sometimes the smallest changes can make the biggest impact. Try a few of these tips for yourself and you won’t believe the results!