Spring Cleaning Tips!


The dreaded spring cleaning season is upon us. Don’t let it get you down this year. We’ve created 7 easy tips to help get your home clean and organized. 

1. Wipe down walls and baseboards with a damp cloth and sanitize door handles.

2. Clean light fixtures and ceiling fans. A Swiffer extender is a great tool to help get those hard to reach areas.

3. Replace light bulbs, air filters and smoke alarm batteries.

4. Vacuum and shampoo all carpets, rugs and furniture.

5. Declutter by boxing all unused toys, clothes and tools. Donate what you aren’t using.

6. Deep clean the refrigerator, oven, and microwave.

7. Clean all windows, window sills and screens. 

Try to complete one item per day and in a week you will have a fresh and clean home! Need a little help? Call the Jennifer Hollister Group at 717-484-9968 for recommended service professionals to do everything from whole house cleaning to washing windows to cleaning the carpets. With the amount of houses we sell every year, you can rest assured that the people we recommend do a great job!