Moving? We Can Help!



You’re moving…now what?! It’s easy to become overwhelmed when you sell your home or move to a new one. Don’t let moving add additional stress. A local moving company, Geo. W. Weaver and Son, has been in the local moving industry for almost 100 years and they have provided some amazing tips to help save you time and money!

1. If you have enough notice, always try to schedule your move at least a few weeks in advance. This will help ensure a spot on a mover’s schedule within your timeline.

2. It is very important that you understand the date and time specifics of your closing before you schedule your move date/dates. Make sure you know whether you have back to back closings or if there are multiple hours in between closings. Remember, you must have the home completely vacant, broom clean and free of debris at the time and date of closing. This information will decide whether your move will take place in one day or over several days.

3. Movers also offer to pack your items (for an additional cost) so you don’t have to be overwhelmed if you are crunched for time. 

4. Cut costs by getting free packing supplies! Here are some places to pick up boxes for free or at a low cost: the grocery store, liquor store, Craig’s list, and Facebook.

5. Make sure your electronics and appliances are disconnected before the movers come. Mover’s generally charge based on time spent on the job so having everything ready to go will save you time and money!

6. Ask your moving company what items will require special attention or a 3rd party to come and prepare for moving (i.e. exercise equipment, pianos, safes, grandfather clocks, pool tables, and hot tubs).

7. Empty all large pieces of furniture such as desks, dressers, etc. This is necessary for the integrity of the piece, the protection of your structure, and the safety of the movers.

8. Be aware of any special arrangements you may need to make for parking. If you have street parking, you will need to either communicate with your neighbors or call your city or borough and have space reserved or meters bagged. If you live in a multi-level building, you may have to reserve the elevator for your move day.

9. Other than furniture, anything that you want the movers to handle should be in an enclosed container. Nothing should be in a loose container or bag of any kind.

10. Make sure there are both external and internal clear paths for the movers.

If you’re a first-time home buyer or if you have questions about how to make your move a smooth one, you can always call Geo. W. Weaver and Son at (717)439-7702.