Mason Dixon Distillery Tour



The Jennifer Hollister Group recently attended their annual team business retreat for 2018! This year we decided to indulge in a little bit of history and scheduled our retreat in Gettysburg, PA. Our team participated in a tour of the Mason Dixon Distillery, which is located right in downtown Gettysburg. One of the owners, a very tenacious and genuine man, Yianni, took us on a tour and gave us the backstory on how their spirits are made from scratch with locally sourced ingredients. We learned about how the business got its start, with Yianni and his father deciding to go into business together. We heard the amazing story on how they pushed past personal struggles and created a thriving business. When the tour was completed, we couldn’t help but admire the origins of this unique distillery and it’s founders. It’s heartwarming, especially this time of year, to hear how a father-son duo brought their dreams to life and have found success in a small town in Central Pennsylvania. If you are in the Gettysburg area, we strongly recommend stopping by the Mason Dixon Distillery and scheduling a private tour. The atmosphere draws you in. The food, spirits and company will make you want to stay.